7 Senior Housing Options: Which One Works Best?

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Choosing from the many senior housing options available may be confusing as they are closely alike. Determining their key differences and specialties would be helpful as you pick the right care service for your senior loved one.

Mainly, understanding their condition and needs is essential. Your current financial situation will also come into play as you make the big decision.

So, to help you make the best move, here are the 7 most common senior housing options available for seniors.

7 Housing Options for Seniors

Choose from these 7 housing options the one that’s best for your senior loved one.

1. Independent living

Independent living is designed for seniors who still want to enjoy the benefits of a community while maintaining their freedom. Its services include dining options, regular housekeeping, and personal assistance. Independent living comes in many forms, including subsidized senior housing to persistent care retirement communities. This is a great start for senior housing as it gives your loved one the best of both worlds.

Blue Skies Homes Temecula
Blue Skies Homes Temecula

2. Residential care homes

For seniors who do not require 24-hour assistance, a residential care home may be the best one. Residential care homes give its residents a certain level of independence while providing all-out assistance for daily activities. This type of community makes your senior loved one’s day-to-day life easier. The cost of a residential care home is often half the cost of an average nursing home, and depending on the state, it’s more affordable compared to assisted living care.

Blue Skies at San Marcos
Blue Skies at San Marcos

3. Respite services

Respite services provide professional assistance in daily activities. It essentially helps your loved one to live in place and liberates the relatives from the emotional and physical stress of caregiving.

4. Assisted living

Assisted living service is in between independent and skilled nursing care services. This service is perfect for those who need a minimum level of assistance. With on-call nursing staff, trained chefs, scheduled activities and more, assisted living facilities have been always among the popular options for many Americans approaching their golden years.

5. Memory care

This is a specialized senior housing option that gives a safe and sound environment for seniors suffering from chronic memory illness such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Its residents receive the suitable attention and care with round-the-clock services from in-house nursing staff.

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6. Nursing home

Skilled nursing homes are best for older adults who require 24-hour supervised medical care. It means those who are unable to care for themselves. This community provides a high level of assistance and care service from its licensed physicians, in-house nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners. Its cost varies according to the level of daily help required and the type of living space.

7. Retirement community

Seniors are able to socialize and stay active in a traditional retirement community. With several types of communities, from age-restricted active adult to leisure communities, there are options available for almost any senior. This community gives its residents their deserved freedom with excellent amenities and wide-ranging social platforms.

Final Verdict

Deciding on senior housing suitable for your loved one can be overwhelming. With the different options available, it is important to identify the essential needs of your loved one to avoid unnecessary expenses for inessential care services.

Blue Skies Homes is here to walk you through your journey of finding the best senior housing. In Blue Skies Homes, the residents’ welfare and quality of life are our utmost priorities.

If you are interested in assisted living in San Marcos, South Carolina, Laguna Niguel and Laguna Hills, our facilities are designed to provide seniors independence and comfort while providing the specific needs as they spend their golden years.

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