How to keep seniors safe and happy during Covid-19

How to keep seniors safe and happy during Covid-19

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The Covid-19 has been tough for every member of society, and seniors are no different. From being prevented from seeing loved ones to being at higher risk of being physically affected by the virus itself, seniors’ physical and mental health has commonly declined during this devastating period.

With Coronavirus even being life-threatening to the 60+ age group, this time has been full of anxiety, stress, and loneliness. So, how can you keep your senior loved ones safe and happy during this time? Read on for more information in this area!

Ways to stay connected


Technology can be difficult for elderly people since they haven’t grown up in a digital age. However, teaching your elderly loved ones to video chat using laptops, mobile phones, or tablets could be a lifesaver in staying connected during this period. Many family members are too fearful to visit their elderly parents due to the risk of passing on Covid-19. However, with technology, physical contact is not needed for a visit. If technology is a no-go for your loved ones, you can continue to use the telephone to call them, send cards, or even write meaningful letters to keep them in the loop. Encouraging other family members to partake in these practices could lift your senior loved one’s morale even more.

Keep elderly family members involved

Getting senior family members involved in a project can be a good way to keep them busy and involved in the family. For example, organizing family photo albums together or getting the seniors to share old stories or tips can be a great way to help them feel valued in this difficult time. Checking in often is essential for your loved one’s mental health and will demonstrate that you care.

Keep elderly family members involved
Keep elderly family members involved

Plan ahead

It’s easier to stay connected when you stay organized with a plan. Involve your older family members in conversations about when you should visit or call, and how you’ll manage disruptions to your routine. Communicating ahead of time can reduce stress and even depression in the long run. With Covid-19 throwing so many curveballs at society, it’s worth getting ahead of preparations. For example, stock up on medical supplies and food in advance, and pick emergency contacts to rely on if you catch Coronavirus and are unable to attend to or visit your elderly family member. You could also consider a window visit – you can still share conversations, smiles, and laughs through a sheet of glass, taking away the loneliness that the senior may feel. Furthermore, handmade signs could be a good idea for those elderly people who struggle to hear, with visuals being both useful and enjoyable.

Keep seniors safe

Senior health during Covid-19 is so concerning because of the life-threatening nature of this virus. It’s important to take precautions throughout this time to ensure the safety and health of your loved ones.

The basic way to keep your loved one well is by keeping yourself well. Take all the standard precautions such as frequent hand washing, frequent sanitization of surfaces and objects, and the avoidance of large crowds. Practicing physical distancing is also a good habit to get into to avoid this potentially fatal contact, although this doesn’t necessarily mean practicing social isolation. Many old people will feel cut off in this period, so communicating at a distance is a good way to get them involved whilst still being protected at the same time.

How to keep seniors safe and happy during Covid-19
Keep seniors safe

Furthermore, be aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 so that you can stay away from your senior loved one when needed. Call ahead of time to inform them that you have developed symptoms, being particularly aware of developing a cough, fever, and/or shortness of breath. Furthermore, you should also try to stay alert when your elderly loved one may need help. This could involve help with loneliness, depression, and other troubling issues. You could try to talk to your loved one yourself or try to encourage them to seek medical advice.

How are seniors in assisted living facility homes protected better?

Assisted living facilities give great options in terms of the safety and wellbeing of your senior loved one. They maintain high standards and meet professional requirements at each facility. This includes daily cleaning, sanitizing, temperature measuring, and ensuring that the right medication is given out. With safety being the top priority in these assisted living spaces, it’s certainly worth considering this option for your elderly parent.

Furthermore, many of these facilities require staff to stay at the location during the Covid-19 crisis to limit the chance of spreading Coronavirus. This will keep your loved one even more protected in this type of living. Therefore, you can produce the safety and happiness of seniors during these troubling times.

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