The Best Memory Care Services in Oceanside, CA

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California is the most populous state in the nation. It houses almost 40 million residents as of the 2021 Census estimates, from which 5,807,200 people are aged 65 and over. Particularly in Oceanside, the senior population continued to rise by 16.84% from 2014 to 2019.

Meanwhile, about 690,000 seniors have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, and this number is expected to grow by 21% or up to 840,000 Californians by 2025. In Oceanside, the number of deaths for those 65 and older caused or partly caused by Alzheimer’s disease increased by 7.48% between 2014 and 2019, showing that Alzheimer’s disease is a growing concern in the region.

Most people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will most likely need long-term care at some point. And given the increasing population of people with Alzheimer’s in the area, there is also a growing number of memory care service providers here. Memory care services can be offered on its own in a facility specially designed for those with Alzheimer’s or any type of dementia; or, more usually, it can be offered as a separate wing in an assisted living community.

Memory Care in California

Memory care is a type of specialized care for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Senior communities with memory care services have expertise in addressing the health and special needs of their residents. There are also programs, activities, and therapies that are specially designed to help memory care residents work on their cognitive abilities while enjoying their interests and building companionship.

In the State of California, the average cost of memory care is around $5,300, including all the services, programs, and general accommodations. However, this varies from city to city, depending on various factors including location, facility, level of care, and amenities, among many others. In Oceanside, you can find more affordable options at $4,606 per month, evidently cheaper than care providers in the nearby region.

But once you know, the level of care you or your loved one needs and the lifestyle you want to continue living, it is easier to assess the best memory care services to have.

Blue Skies Homes in Oceanside

About the community

Fortunately, you can receive the best memory care services in Blue Skies Homes in Oceanside, California. Located in Keyport St, Blue Skies Homes is an assisted living community wherein senior residents enjoy the quality care given by well-equipped and dedicated caregivers.

We combine our home-like community with high-quality memory care services provided by our staff members. The trained memory care staff is available 24/7 for any questions and concerns. Supervision includes quick checkups at night and monitoring of meds. The hallways are large and free of trip hazards, also offering quick and easy to understand navigation references for residents even dealing with Alzheimer’s. Since wandering and getting lost are common symptoms of Alzheimer’s, the facility is designed to make them as safe and uncomplicated as possible.

Senior residents enjoy the quality care given by well-equipped and dedicated caregivers.

About the location

Oceanside boasts favorable year-round weather, scenic beaches, and charming bungalow neighborhoods where Blue Skies Homes could be found. Located at the heart of Southern California, we are perfectly accessible to the city’s amenities such as parks, hospitals and clinics, malls, and family attractions.

Here at Blue Skies Homes, family members enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are in the right hands.
Located within the beautiful landscapes of Oceanside, California.

Making the Smart Choice

To help families and caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of cognitive impairment find the support and care their loved ones need, the first and most crucial step is to assess their needs and condition. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to identify your or your loved one’s needs and make the best care recommendations.

If you are looking for a memory care service in Oceanside, we will be more than happy to accommodate you for an assessment and tour you in our community in Keyport St. Contact us today!

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