When to know seniors need assisted living

When to know seniors need assisted living

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Facing the prospect of assisted living is an unwelcome thought, but it is certainly one that needs to be considered. Many families put off the decision to talk about assisted living with loved ones due to the saddening thought of finally being dependent on another person. However, even with medical advancements keeping more people healthier for longer, the possibility of assisted living is sometimes unavoidable. In a lot of cases, living alone is eventually not an appropriate choice.

Whilst this issue needs to be faced up to, how do family members know when assisted living for senior people is needed? This can be a tricky question to answer, but there are certainly some signs to look out for. Whilst nobody knows your parents as you do, and you think you may be confident in identifying any unusual behaviors, it still might be worth looking into the usual warning signs to be alert to every situation. To find out what symptoms and behaviors can make the decision of assisted living clearer, read on for more information.

Signs of seniority showing they need more than family help

Neglected appearances can often be a sign that people need assisted living. If your parents regularly wear dirty and/or tattered clothing, this is one of the most common signs that they may need assisted living. It can show that they have forgotten how to use the washing machine or that they can no longer be trusted with these bigger appliances. This makes hiring a carer to live in the house extremely useful to wash, dry, and iron clothes, and help the elderly person get dressed.

The same idea can be applied to the house in general. Is the house dirty, cluttered, and disorganized? Often old people start to hoard unnecessary items and forget to throw things away when they reach the point of needing assisted living. Again, an assisted living carer can help clear away rubbish and keep the home hygienic to create a healthy living space.

When to know seniors need assisted living
Signs of seniority showing they need more than family help

A quick check

There are a few quick questions to ask yourself when thinking about if your elderly parents need assisted living or not. Think of it as a quick check to keep in mind when observing your parents in each visit.

Have family members detected changes in your loved one?

Whilst your perspective may be accurate, it’s always worth getting the opinion of others who are close to the senior in question too. Whether their physical or mental health is declining, or you notice that they have become unable to do daily tasks, it’s worth talking to others. If there are no other family members to talk to, you can always ask physicians for their professional opinion. Being educated and having years of experience in this type of field, a medical professional can recommend procedures, allowing you to put confidence in your decision.

Are you being affected as a caregiver?

As you increasingly start to care for your elderly relative, you may discover your own physical and mental health being put under strain. If you don’t have enough time, are struggling to cope with the demands, or are growing unhappier as time goes on, you need to prioritize yourself. This stressful burden can negatively impact not only you but also the senior person you are caring for. When this is the case, you might want to consider passing the responsibility onto someone else.

Is your senior family member getting the right nutrition in their diet?

If your senior family member lacks the energy or ability to go food shopping and cook nutritious meals, they may not be getting the nutrients they need to keep healthy. Nutrients become particularly important as people grow older. Assisted living can create great opportunities for seniors in terms of healthy, delicious meals to help re-energize seniors with ingredients taken from every food group. Often, there is a selection of choices that seniors can choose from, handy meal plans to cater to individual needs, and, importantly, the opportunity to have face-to-face conversations whilst eating.

When to know seniors need assisted living
Is your senior family member getting the right nutrition in their diet?

What type of assisted living do seniors need?

There are different levels of assisted living depending on the senior’s individual needs, ranging from a low level to a high level of care.

Hopefully, this article has been useful in showing when it’s time to consider assisted living for the benefit of both you as a caregiver and your senior loved one.

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